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Xcellareader, Reading, Speed Read, Spead Reading When someone reads silently and their mouth is moving its called?

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I always thought speed reading was a joke! The idea of people cruzing thru books and pretending they understood every thing was preposterous to me. After 6 weeks with David Hinton, I was reading and speaking intelligently about entire books that only took me 30 minutes to read. Incredible! I found I was excited to share what I got out of the material to prove to myself I actually understood the material at 1700 words per minute...And it was fun!

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Shaun K.

-St. George

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This means that you mentally say what you read. This is probably the hardest problem of all to correct. The real problem with sub-vocalizing is that when a person is told about it, they stop moving their mouths, but their mind is still saying the words.- Free ebook -


In a group you will see their eyes moving, darting, quite rapidly back and forth across the page. They're not sure what they read, they wandered off or got distracted. What they are doing is reading something like this:

"in the early morning... the early morning sunlight the brook... morning sunlight the brook sparkled like glittering diamonds... sparkled like glittering diamonds."- Free ebook -


The difference between a slow reader and a fluent reader is, the slow reader is still reading one or possibly two words at a time. Their eyes are stopping or fixating on one or two words, taking a picture, then reading them. The fluent reader's eyes take a picture, or fixate on a larger number of words and then read them all together.- Free ebook -