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Xcellareader, Reading, Speed Read, Spead Reading Why is it important to focus on what you are reading?

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Xcellareader, Reading, Speed Read, Spead Reading Because you generally cannot remember what you are not concentrating on. Find Your Speed

If you are anything like me, that pile of books that you want to read is growing faster than the pile you have finished. It seems that every day somebody recommends another great book. When I recently completed the XcellaReader course, I added a skill that now allows me to read much more rapidly and efficiently. Just last weekend I completed three more books from my pile! I'm so excited about the potential that this brings to people.

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This means that you mentally say what you read. This is probably the hardest problem of all to correct. The real problem with sub-vocalizing is that when a person is told about it, they stop moving their mouths, but their mind is still saying the words.- Free ebook -


In a group you will see their eyes moving, darting, quite rapidly back and forth across the page. They're not sure what they read, they wandered off or got distracted. What they are doing is reading something like this:

"in the early morning... the early morning sunlight the brook... morning sunlight the brook sparkled like glittering diamonds... sparkled like glittering diamonds."- Free ebook -


The difference between a slow reader and a fluent reader is, the slow reader is still reading one or possibly two words at a time. Their eyes are stopping or fixating on one or two words, taking a picture, then reading them. The fluent reader's eyes take a picture, or fixate on a larger number of words and then read them all together.- Free ebook -